Hongru Hou

Product Designer & Prototyper

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I am a unicorn living on WWW planet. I make websites, translate books and write columns in the Web realm, because I enjoy the process of making things that don't exist.

The intersection of design, development and writing is the place where I am standing now. Because of internal principles are underpinnings for external feelings, I value implementation as much as aesthetics. By melting the knowledge of UX and front-end together, I can bridge the gap between development team and design team, and helping them work more effectively. Besides that, as a Mandarin native speaker and a San Francisco based grad student, I can smooth the cooperation between eastern team and western team as well.

When I am not in design or build modes, I enjoy sharing my unique experience and perspective with others to help and encourage them overcoming difficulties, such as conquer the fear of dipping toes in the water.

Dog lover.